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Make way for tree pruning

portion of the Village’s 18,000-plus parkway trees are scheduled to be pruned this winter.

The focus will be trees located between Chicago Avenue and Division Street. Additionally, the Village’s Forestry staff will be pruning mainly younger trees in the area between Division Street and North Avenue.

Residents are urged to move their cars from the streets when temporary no-parking signs go up to allow private contractors to prune parkway trees quickly and safely during the winter pruning cycle.

Crews and staff follow the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) guidelines for tree care to address three key issues — tree health, resident safety, and protecting property from damage.

Dead or dying limbs are removed, tree canopies raised to allow for safe vehicle and pedestrian traffic, and appropriate clearances created for adjacent structures and signs.

Younger trees will also be pruned to develop good structure to reduce problems as they grow and mature.

While the pruning may be more noticeable when no leaves are on the limbs, crews work to ensure that pruning is just right as foliage returns in the spring.

With a program that aims to prune every tree on public property once every four years, plans must consider that parkway trees can grow up to two feet each year — or eight feet between pruning cycles.

The Village’s pruning program has proven successful in minimizing storm damage and reducing ongoing pruning requests.

Residents are urged to call 708.358.5700 or email with questions or concerns about the type or quality of work being performed by contractors.

More information on the care of the nearly 18,000 trees on public property is posted at