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Community Surveys

The Village of Oak Park periodically uses formal market research tools to survey residents. The surveys, which are conducted within strict research parameters, are intended to help policy makers better understand priorities for government action, as well as gauge citizen opinions on quality of life and public services. 

National Research Center at Polco, a social science research firm whose core business is community surveys, works with the Village to ensure the scientific validity of the survey results. NRC assisted with multiple surveys conducted in Oak Park beginning in 2000.  

Results of these past surveys are posted below.

Through its collaboration with the International City Managers Association, NRC has developed a national database of community surveys and survey questions, which allow the Village to compare results with those from similar communities in Illinois and across the country.

Surveys in 2000 and 2004 were conducted by telephone. But with telephone response rates plummeting across the industry and costs rising, mail proved to be a more cost-effective approach. In addition, officials say, mail responses tend to be more candid than those gathered by a telephone interviewer.

Beginning in 2019, respondents were given the option of completing the survey online. About 30 percent of 2019 respondents chose the online option.

New in 2022, the entire community had an opportunity to weigh in as part of an open participation window after the random sample surveys were mailed.


Survey Results