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Working to protect the monarch butterfly

The Village of Oak Park is doing its part to help save the monarch butterfly, an iconic North American species whose populations have declined dramatically in recent years.

Village officials have joined hundreds of communities across the country in a pledge to create a healthy habitat that will aid monarch butterflies on their annual migration across the continent.

In addition to issuing a proclamation to raise awareness of the decline of the monarch butterfly and the species’ need for habitat, the Village plants native milkweed and nectar plants on public properties when appropriate across the community, including traffic diverters, cul-de-sacs, medians and planters.

The Village's Public Works Center is also home to a certified Monarch butterfly waystation.

According to the National Wildlife Federation, monarch butterflies numbered around 1 billion in 1996. Today, their numbers have declined significantly as a result of numerous threats, particularly the loss of habitat due to cropland conversion, urban development, and agricultural practices.

Oak Park residents can make a difference by planting native milkweed and nectar plants on their property to provide habitat for pollinators like the monarch butterfly. Milkweed can spread aggressively, so residents are encouraged to plant with care.

Tips on how to create a monarch garden are available at the following links:

For more information about the Village’s Monarch Pledge, call 708.358.5770 or email