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Opioid Overdose Prevention Project

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The Village of Oak Park Department of Public Health is addressing the issue of opioid overdose in our community through a project that provides:

  • Free distribution of life-saving naloxone nasal spray
  • Education on how to provide aid in the event of an opioid overdose
  • Help for people experiencing opioid use disorder in finding care and recovery services

Naloxone blocks the effects of opioids on the brain and helps to restore breathing. It is safe, with very few side effects, and will not harm someone who is not experiencing an overdose. The project makes free naloxone available and remove barriers to getting it, increasing the number of people in the community who have naloxone on hand when it’s needed.

This approach will save lives, help our loved ones and neighbors experiencing opioid use disorder find resources, and ultimately improve quality of life in our community.

Where to find naloxone

In Oak Park

Opioid overdose boxes are installed in seven easily accessible, public-facing locations throughout Oak Park. Each box contains pouches with doses of naloxone and instructions on how to provide overdose first aid:

  • Corner of South Boulevard and Harlem Avenue
  • Corner of North Avenue and Ridgeland Avenue
  • Corner of Randolph Street and Marion Street
  • Corner of Washington Boulevard and Austin Boulevard
  • Near the alley between parking lot 33 and 900 S. block of Humphrey Ave.
  • Maple Park, 1105 S. Maple Ave. on the exterior wall of the restroom
  • Oak Park Public Library Main Branch, 834 Lake St. entryway

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Most all of the boxes are accessible 24 hours a day. One box will be located in the lobby of the Oak Park Public Library - Main Branch and will be accessible while the library is open.

In the Chicago area

Find Narcan Near You! 
Opioid Data Dashboard (Click on Naloxone Distribution Locations) 

Naloxone provided through mail-order delivery and mobile outreach in Oak Park

Harm Reduction Outreach : Live4Lali