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LeadCare Cook County program offering free lead service line replacement to licensed childcare providers

The Village of Oak Park is partnering with Elevate, a Chicago-based non-profit that works with Illinois child care providers to reduce lead found in drinking water, to promote the LeadCare Cook County Program.

LeadCare Cook County offers FREE lead service line replacement connected to a licensed childcare facility through funding from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

LeadCare Cook County is one of the Cook County Bureau of Economic Development’s initiatives making transformational investments that foster an equitable recovery from the pandemic. 

How it works

A water service line is the pipe that delivers water to a facility from the water main in the street. If it’s made of lead or galvanized material, the service line can leach or unpredictably release toxic lead particles into the water as it travels to your facility.

This short video about lead service lines explains why it is important to replace them:

To speak with a LeadCare specialist before you enroll, please call 773-389-5657 or email

Eligibility Requirements

Child care providers are eligible for the LeadCare Cook County program if:

  • They run a child care facility owned or rented by the person applying. If the child care provider rents the facility, the owner of the property out of which the facility is operated must also agree to and complete a separate application and consent form.
  • The facility is based in suburban Cook County.
  • The facility is licensed with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.
  • The program determines that the service line connecting the property to the water main is made from lead or galvanized material.

Eligible child care providers can apply online:
Click here to enroll