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Safe storage of firearms required

Firearm storage practices play a vital role in reducing the risk of gun violence, including the prevention of unintentional shootings, gun suicides and gun theft. Best practices for safe storage include storing guns unloaded, locked and separate from ammunition. This year, the Village passed an ordinance addressing the safe storage of firearms that states:

  • All firearms within the Village of Oak Park must be secured by a locking device.
  • Only the person authorized to carry or control the firearm may know the combination or the location of the key of the locking device.
  • A firearm unattended in a vehicle within plain view is not considered secure.

The Oak Park Public Health Department has free gun locks available at Village Hall, 123 Madison St. Gun locks are also available at the Oak Park Township, 105 S. Oak Park Ave. and the Community Mental Health Board office located in the Park District’s Community Recreation Center, 229 Madison St.

For more information, visit, contact the Public Health Department at 708.358.5480 or