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Protect against respiratory viruses

Late fall and winter are seasons typically marked by high rates of respiratory viruses. Public health officials remind community members that the most effective way to protect yourself from the worst outcomes of respiratory viruses is to get fall immunizations.

For the first time ever, vaccines and other preventive antibodies are available for all three major fall and winter respiratory viruses: flu, COVID-19 and RSV.

A new COVID shot for 2023-2024 is available and recommended for anyone 6 months and older, regardless of prior COVID vaccination history.

Check with your health care provider or local pharmacy to find and receive your vaccines.

In addition, everyday actions like covering coughs and sneezes, frequent proper handwashing, wearing masks, improving indoor air quality and staying home if you are sick can reduce the spread of respiratory viruses in Oak Park.

For more information or for assistance finding a vaccine, contact the Oak Park Public Health Department at or 708.358.5480.