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March 17 - Water main breaks reported

Update (March 18 at 11 p.m.)The water main break has been repaired and as of approximately 10:30 p.m. , the water service was restored to all affected residents. Water quality procedures are now complete and Oak Park Avenue is now open. The surface has been restored as well as salted to allow traffic to flow safely. 


Update (March 18 at 7:30 p.m.)There is an active water main break on the 900 block of N. Oak Park Ave.  Village staff are responding and steps have been taken to prepare for excavation as soon as possible.  Service interruptions and road closures are likely needed to facilitate the repair. 


Update (March 17 at 4 p.m.): All work is now complete on both S. Lombard Ave. and N. Oak Park Ave. The road is open in both locations. Residents impacted by the water main breaks should have full water service restored within the hour.  


Update (March 17 at 3 p.m.)All work is complete on N. Oak Park Ave. and the road is open at this time; work continues on S. Lombard.  The service has been repaired and the contractor is currently backfilling and restoring the street. The water main is also being flushed. Residents will be experiencing low water pressure while flushing continues. The Village expects to re-open the road and restore full water service this afternoon.  


March 17, 2023 -- A ComEd transformer failure earlier today sent a power surge into the Village of Oak Park's Central Pumping Station. This power surge triggered one of the pumps in the station to ramp up to 100 percent power, approximately 10 percent higher than normal.

This increase in power caused by the surge resulted in an approximate 15 percent increase in pressure within the Village's distribution system. Increases in pressure can cause water main breaks where the system may be weakened by age or deterioration. 

The Village is currently experiencing two water main breaks: on the 900 block of N. Oak Park Avenue and the 400 block of S. Lombard Avenue. Oak Park Public Works staff is responding to these situations and a contractor has been called in to assist. In order to allow crews the space necessary to complete repair work, as of 8 a.m. Friday, Oak Park Ave. is closed between Division St. and Berkshire St.; Lomard Ave. is closed between Madison St. and Washington Blvd. Service interruptions are likely in the vicinity of these two breaks.

Overall, distribution system pressure and the Village's water quality has not been impacted at this time.  Additional breaks resulting from this surge may occur through the weekend and into next week.

Residents can contact the Public Works Department at 708.358.5700 or with questions or to report issues related to their water service.