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Electric vehicles key to reaching climate goals

Investing in electric vehicle transportation and infrastructure is a key strategy to reducing emissions and supporting a clean future in Oak Park.

Officials say more than a quarter of Oak Park’s greenhouse gas emissions are due to conventional cars and trucks, making gas-powered vehicles the Village’s second-largest driver of climate change behind building energy usage.

Electric vehicle driving ranges are increasing, with some models able to drive more than 300 miles on a single charge. While charging an electric vehicle battery does require energy, experts say the total greenhouse gas emissions associated with driving them are still much less than those for gasoline cars, especially if the electricity is generated from renewable energy sources.

The Village supports residents and businesses in transitioning to electric vehicle transportation.

Permits are required for the installation of electric vehicle charging systems. For information about permitting, email or visit

The page will also be updated with information about any ongoing incentives to purchase an electric vehicle such as state or federal rebate programs.