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Electricity rates expected to rise

Village officials are alerting residents about an anticipated surge in electricity supply rates that could bring about an increase in electric bills. This summer ComEd’s published electricity supply rates are projected to increase 15 to 25 percent from the previous year across northern Illinois. Wholesale fuel supply costs, regional power plant retirements and increased demand for electricity are the main causes for the increase, experts say.

Assistance available…Oak Park residents in need of assistance paying electric utility bills can contact ComEd at 1.800.334.7661 or find information about payment assistance programs at Income-eligible residents can also receive assistance with electric utility bills through the Low-Income Heating Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). For more information and assistance, call 708.383.8005 to speak with an Oak Park Township counselor. Information about LIHEAP and free home weatherization improvements for qualified households is also available at

Impact on aggregation program…Many Oak Park residents are part of the Village’s municipal aggregation purchasing program, which ensures participating residents and small businesses pay the same published tariff rates as ComEd’s monthly basic electric service. The electricity supplier for the municipal aggregation purchasing program is mc2. Although there is no risk of paying more than you would otherwise pay as a ComEd tariff supplied customer under the program, residents enrolled in the municipal aggregation purchasing program will nonetheless likely see an increase in electricity costs due to the increase within the ComEd electricity supply rates. Residents are reminded that under Oak Park’s municipal aggregation purchasing program there is no cost difference between being served by mc2 or receiving electricity supply service from ComEd’s basic tariff, and there are no early termination fees for those who do not wish to be served by mc2 under the aggregation program. More information about the Village’s municipal aggregation is available at

Community solar helps lower costs…Residents seeking to save money on monthly electricity costs may also participate in the Village’s Community Solar Guaranteed Savings Program, whereby participating residents save money each month via community solar generation credits that are applied to their monthly ComEd invoices. To learn more about this program, visit