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Block Parties & Garage Sales

Block Parties

The Village encourages block parties as a way to build community spirit, meet neighbors and have fun. Each block may sponsor two block parties per year, not to be held on consecutive days. Consider reserving your desired date early. From time to time the number of block parties may have to be limited due to demand, such as on Halloween.

To schedule a block party, a petition signed by at least 10 separate addresses on the block, or a majority of residents on a smaller block, must be submitted to the Village to indicate support for the party on a given day. Approved petitions allow the neighborhood to close off a street to vehicle traffic for the entire day. Petitions must be returned two weeks before the date of the block party. The Village drops off street barricades on the day before approved block parties and picks them up afterward.

For more information call 708.358.5700 or email